Suggested Secure Measures For National Home Security Month

Suggested Secure Measures For National Home Security Month

No surprises that with daylight hours quickly fading away as we move towards winter, burglary numbers across Britain begin to rise as there’s less of a chance of thieves being collared under the darker skies.

In some research, security experts, ADT, found that 76.5% of the country’s residents are more conscious of home safety in autumn, but seemingly not conscious enough if you look at present-day burglary rates.

Now in its 10th outing, October is once again National Home Security Month and there is a postcode checker on the initiative’s official website enabling you to find out how safe your neighbourhood is.

The stats for your area may encourage you to enhance your home’s security and Speedy has the products to greatly magnify it for you to make you feel safer.


In the majority of thefts (76% of them in England and Wales, source: ONS), it’s a door that a burglar will gain access through to unlawfully enter a house.

Most use the tactic of lock snapping to get a door open and you can easily tell if any of your door cylinders are liable to snap under pressure – just see if they protrude more than the depth of a £1 coin.

Composite doors from our Forté collection are up there with the strongest doors on the market. Their toughened frame is complemented with a high-security multi point lock and hinges that can resist a crowbar being taken to them.

A black composite door with a long silver handle


The ONS has also uncovered that 30% of burglaries happen due to a burglar accessing a home through a window.

This can see a window levered open with a screwdriver, bar, or chisel, or a glazed unit forced out. Speedy’s Extreme UPVC windows protect against such forms of attack.

They take security to the Extreme with their 14 chambers, 9-point locking system, herculean hinges, and 11 visible locking points, plus they are internally beaded so that the glass is capable of being removed from outside of a property. Prefer aluminium over UPVC? Our Eclipse aluminium windows are no less secure.

Grey casement windows

Living Spaces

A refusal to give up on trying to get into a house after having no luck with doors and windows, could see a home extension targeted next.

If it’s a well-built conservatory or orangery with a robust roof covering and ultra-secure windows and doors, as it would be if you had one of our tiled or glass roof living spaces, it will protect against external force or any other tactics used.

Speedy’s been constructing burglar-proof living spaces in the Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex areas for years and has all the industry credentials needed to ensure they’re secure locations.

A solid roof extension with roof windows and bi-folding doors

Arrange a design appointment to have a full and frank discussion about home security and how our products can help with it.


Our made-to-measure windows and doors have the potential to change your home not just on the outside, but the inside too. From the very latest energy saving windows in maintenance free UPVC to a host of replacement doors – all guaranteed to fit perfectly with your home.


Make your home warmer, quieter and more secure by fitting our very latest energy efficient replacement windows.



Our range of replacement doors offer all the advantages of low maintenance and high levels of security for total peace of mind.



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