Front and back doors made with a modern UPVC…

The homes that draw the most compliments are often those with a nice front door. How is your front door shaping up? If its best days are behind it, look to a UPVC door as a replacement, a solution that you know will boost your entrance and be a reliable presence for many years. Our UPVC doors have a very clean look, and under the attractive surface, have a robust construction that it’s hard, if not impossible, to get past.

White UPVC Door

Speedy likes to look after its customers and goes to great lengths to ensure that they walk away happy with their door investment. We will be well organised from the moment the project gets underway, and all the design work will be done collaboratively. As for the installation, that will be conducted with efficiency so that there’s no major disruption caused at your home. Once we’ve left your home, you can always contact us, as you’re entitled to great aftercare.

UPVC Doors
UPVC Doors
Extreme UPVC Doors

An Extreme UPVC door is one of the more secure and reliable doors that you can buy, and its secure credentials can be enhanced further with additional features.

If you don’t know much about an Extreme UPVC door, the hotspots opposite will tell you all that you need to know about the product.

UPVC Doors

UPVC Panel Glass

Available with a wide range of glazing styles, including obscure and decorative glass.

UPVC Panel Hinges

Anti-crowbar technology that delivers ultimate strength. Horizontal and vertical adjustment that results in 360-degree compression on seals for weather tightness.

UPVC Panel Security

Featuring our robust shootbolt locking system, you can rest assured your UPVC Panel Doors will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

UPVC Panel hardware

Our UPVC Panel Doors come with a range of hardware including letterboxes, knockers and handles in a variety of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.
Our beautifully made to measure UPVC doors will enhance any home in the region…

When producing our Extreme UPVC doors, our chief aim is to ensure they provide first-class security, which is why they all feature a high specification locking system.

Our UPVC Extreme door range is very extensive and has everything from conventional white coloured UPVC doors to much bolder, brighter solutions. Double glazed units are incorporated into the doors as standard. If you want an alternative to an Extreme UPVC door, check out our composite and aluminium door ranges.

UPVC Front Door
UPVC Front Blue Door
Entrance Porch


Our Extreme UPVC door will look after your house and make it look hugely attractive. We have some truly stunning designs in the range, with every certain to boost kerb appeal.

A single or dual-coloured Extreme UPVC door will wow your house guests...

When panelling is included in your Extreme UPVC door, you can have the panels finished in Golden Oak, Rosewood or White and match them to the frames. We are happy to omit any panelling, if you prefer, so that you can have more glass included and broaden your colour options. The sections reserved for glazing can be filled with textured or patterned glass, and we offer a huge selection of hardware for the design, from top to bottom.

These doors are so dependent on the handle…

Choosing a handle is just one aspect of furnishing an Extreme UPVC door and each of the handles we have come in a wide selection of coloured finishes.

With so many handles included, you won’t have a problem identifying a handle that’s right for the design.

Decorate your UPVC Extreme door with exquisite door furniture...

You need your new front door to be bursting with personality. But that will only happen if your door is cleverly decorated. We have a huge variety of letterboxes, knockers, and number plates in our hardware suite, which have a hard-wearing exterior and are finished in a lasting colour. The hardware has been built to last for as long as the actual Extreme UPVC door as we want you to get full value out of your investment, like we do with all our products.


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