An Envisage Flush Window is suited to virtually every property style and a safe choice of window design.

If you look closer at an Envisage flush window, you will see that it successfully replicates the styling of a traditional timber flush window. We regularly fit the product at homes, old and new.

We really have made a concerted effort to not stray away from the configuration of a traditional flush window, even ensuring that the opening lights do not protrude from the frame. See Envisage a contemporary update of a classic traditional window as very much, including with enhanced performance, particularly when it comes to security and insulation.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows

Not only are Envisage Flush Windows the finest modern imitation of traditional timber flush windows, but they also manage to provide outstanding security and impressive all-round window performance.

They’re not like the flush windows of old, regularly in need of tiresome maintenance. No, these UPVC-built flush windows can have their appearance restored with just an easy wiping of their frames. The proportions of the window are an exact match for the proportions of an original flush window.

Oak Envisage Flush Windows
Grey Envisage Flush Windows
About our Envisage Flush Windows

An Envisage flush window is constructed from a modern UPVC material and will add enhanced comfort and security to your residence.

If the Envisage window is of interest and you want to know more about it, the hotspots opposite will fill you in on its main features.

Envisage Flush Window

Envisage Locking

Featuring our robust shootbolt envisage locking system, you can rest assured you Envisage window will keep you home and family protected from the threat of break-ins.

Envisage Glass

Draughts and cold spots are a thing of the past. We’ve used smart design and high-performance next generation glass to guarantee your warmth and comfort. So, all you need to worry about is which style and colour to choose.

Envisage Frame

Appealing to the perfectionist in you, the perfectly balanced symmetrical panes make for a clean, flush and minimalist finish. Multiple astragal bars allow you to create a design that’s ideally suited for traditional properties.

Envisage Hinge

Easy-clean Friction Stay Hinges with smooth operation and anti-crowbar technology to prevent would-be intruders from accessing your home.

Envisage Handles

Whether you’re matching handles to a modern new-build or a traditional cottage property, you’ll find the Envisage hardware range is well positioned to meet even the most unique of needs.
Make those energy bills less costly…

Envisage flush windows benefit from the latest technology, which is why they do such an incredible job of keeping spaces cosy and comfortable. The glass has an invisible coating and this both holds in warmth and transfers it in from the outdoors.

Envisage Flush Windows
Envisage Flush Windows
Envisage Flush Windows


The colour, glazing and hardware for an Envisage flush window should be considered more than just ‘small details’ as they are integral to the window, and it would be nothing without them. Explore every option ahead of making any choices.

Coloured finishes that will captivate your mind...

You will discover that our colour palette for the Envisage range is much broader than the number of coloured finishes offered with most window collections. It has something for everyone, with a variety of shades, wood effects and textures included. It’s the colour of an Envisage window that so often gets spoken about, above anything else.

Without the very best glazing, Envisage couldn’t perform like it does...

The glass coatings on an Envisage window are so slim that you can’t even tell they are there. However, despite being inconspicuous, these glass coatings are why Envisage windows offer superb solar warmth and exploit the heat from the sun to keep living spaces so well insulated. You also must credit the inert gas inside the sealed window unit and warm-edge spacer bar for its insulating standards. If you find it difficult selecting a glass type, our window consultants can always offer some input.

Little touches they may be, but they make a big impact…

To get the perfect new windows, every single bit of them needs to be in sync, otherwise they won’t live up to your expectations. As well as offering the necessary functionality, it’s imperative that they also look the part. With the correct type of handles and hinges, that is a certainty.


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