New Forté Composite Doors

There’s a new front and back composite door collection on the scene and it’s Speedy’s fabulous Forté range, made for Hampshire, Surrey & Sussex properties.
Put all your confidence in Forté…

Forté is like no other composite door that’s come before and its adaptable design helps us to craft it into multiple styles for homes in Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex, complemented by a wide assortment of glazing and colour options. From a thermal standpoint, Forté is out on its own.

It does sterling work in minimising heat loss, curbing precious units of energy being lost from homes. The raised warmth you feel will reflect this and so will the reduced energy consumption and lowered energy bill you experience. A Forté door’s incredible strength can be attributed to its composition being made up of materials like UPVC, wood, and insulating foam.

Forte Composite Doors