Create a cosier, less noisy, and better-protected home with Speedy’s double glazed windows…
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Much of the region have double glazed windows, a minimum requirement for any household. Our double glazed windows are built with a UPVC profile and in this UPVC profile sits two panes of energy efficient glass.

Both the frame and glass help to keep a house warm, without you needing to overly rely on your heating system. The UPVC frame is easily wiped clean with a wet cloth. To make the largest possible energy savings, go that one step further and request triple glazed UPVC windows.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
A seamless blend of comfort and style…

The days of paying over the odds for your energy bills will be over after the installation of double glazed windows as they have an A+ energy efficiency rating. Outdoor conditions won’t be noticeable indoors and you will have a much lower carbon footprint.

Delve deep into a double glazed window and you will see that it has a 14-chamber construction, a key constituent for capturing and retaining heat. You won’t face condensation problems in the mornings as they also have low iron components and a special glass coating.

Cream UPVC Cottage Windows


The most popular window material for double glazed windows continues to be UPVC, but aluminium doesn’t trail too far behind, with the powder-coated finish found on an aluminium design being well-liked by householders.

The Extreme casement window excels in all areas...

We often get asked what our best-selling Extreme windows are, and we inform them that we shift a significant number of casement windows. Their popularity can be put down to how stylish they are, how well they insulate homes and how successful they are at keeping thieves out. Being low-cost helps us sell them too.

It’s a simplistic design, but an effective one, with an enormous amount of attention to detail exhibited throughout the window. It needs this detail to fulfil the entire needs of a householder.

Grey UPVC Casement Windows
A tilt and turn window gives you opening options...

With the handle affixed to the tilt and turn window, you can make the window open inwardly, which makes cleaning the glass an easy job and avoids you needing to put yourself at risk.

Several components have been used to create our tilt and turn windows, including A+ rated glass, tough hinges, and an 8-point locking system. They’re all essential to make the tilt and turn perfectly functional and secure.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
Capture the feel of the outdoors indoors...

Bay and Bow windows are impossible to miss due to the slight outward projection that they have. Once they grab your attention, you will see how fantastic they are at seizing on the light generated by the sun.

It’s a great choice of window design when you only have a small amount of space to accommodate a set of replacement windows. Leave it to our designers to configure your Bay or Bow windows with the utmost precision so that they fit beautifully into the different apertures.

Somehow, your home will feel like a much cosier place once Bay or Bow windows have been integrated into the building.

White UPVC Bay & Bow Windows
A reincarnation of Georgian windows…

If it’s a cottage aesthetic that you’re after, our cottage windows should come into the equation, particularly as they have a Georgian bar effect. But although they have a traditional look, they perform to modern standards, as you would expect with a UPVC or aluminium frame.

The weather will be unable to get the better of the windows, and neither will intruders due to the inclusion of various secure components.

Grey UPVC Cottage Windows
The colour palette for our UPVC windows is so varied…

You could never criticise anyone for choosing a white-coloured finish, it is an eternal classic. However, we have options that go beyond white as we have a recipe for colour that enables us to create almost any colour. In recent years, we have seen a rise of interest in Grey and Irish Oak, which have the same level of popularity as our fantastic Whitegrain and Chartwell Green.

Speedy’s powder-coated finishes have a superior quality and can resist fading…

It may sound laborious to you, but we firmly believe that the 11-stage colouring process that we employ to add our powder-coated finishes to our aluminium window frames is worth the effort. Application of the finish causes paint adhesions to be induced. For customers that want an aluminium woodgrain, we use a method called sublimation, which leads to the creation of Walnut, Oak, and Rosewood effects.

Gain a combination of privacy and style…

When buying replacement windows, it is important to have the correct choice of glass as it will have an impact on visibility, energy efficiency, and potentially, privacy. If you value your privacy over everything or want to capitalise on a beautiful outdoor view, our glazing choices will satisfy you. Speedy is always here if you need guidance on glass, or anything else for that matter. 

Privacy Glazing – The positioning of certain windows in your house may necessitate the inclusion of privacy glazing. This will often apply to those in bedrooms and bathrooms. With Speedy’s privacy glazing, available for double and triple glazed units, your windows will enhance privacy and still let natural light in.


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