To make the biggest possible energy savings, buy triple glazed windows…
Triple glazing justifies the extra investment…

You will probably be able to guess that a triple glazed window has three panes of glass, as opposed to the two glass panes you get in a double glazed window. From looking at them, you won’t notice any difference between double and triple glazed windows.

However, what you will notice is that triple glazed windows save you even more money on energy and keep your home interior even warmer. Putting that third glass pane in creates an additional insulating cavity and that’s why you never feel any draughts or cold spots inside of a triple glazed residence.

White Extreme UPVC Windows
Offering 40% more energy efficiency than A-rated double glazed windows…

If you are still living with your old single glazed windows, you will know that they aren’t great at insulating your home. The total opposite is true of our A+ and A++ UPVC triple glazed windows, and because of that, they will also vastly reduce your carbon emissions.

The soft glass used in a triple glazed window is responsible for reflecting heat back into a house. When any heat does manage to sneak through the internal pane, it gets deflected back indoors by the second pane of soft coat glass. This second pane features two cavities, which are both filled with Argon gas.

Triple Glazing Windows
Your heating will be able to take more of a break…

You will get at least 10 years of quality thermal performance out of our triple glazing windows, so over that time, they will save you a considerable amount of money on energy. They will often be periods when your heating can be left off as your windows will do the job of keeping the interior of your house warm and cosy, and at a low cost.

The energy savings made will go a long way towards paying for the windows and leave you glad that you took the plunge and put your trust in triple glazing. With so much uncertainty over energy, it will be good for you to have protection against any future price rises.

Triple Glazing Windows
Any cold spots and draughts in your house will disappear upon the installation of triple glazing…

Even during any cold snaps, you won’t feel any sort of chill in your house. Draughts will become a distant memory and the whole place will have a far more comforting atmosphere, just what you need when you fancy cosying up on the sofa.

Triple glazing will add up to a greener home as you won’t be as reliant on fossil fuels to keep your home surroundings warm, shrinking your carbon footprint and helping you make a valuable contribution to the planet. It will be satisfying to know that you won’t need to exchange your windows again for at least the next 10 years.

Triple Glazing Windows
With three panes of glass, you gain an extra level of protection…

It would take a brave person to try and force their way into your home through our triple glazed windows as they are ultra-secure. We also internally glaze the windows to eliminate the possibility of the glass being removed from outside the house and incorporate a multi-point locking mechanism into the window system that’s virtually impossible to break.

Any concerns you have about home security can be ended after the fitting of triple glazed windows – they will keep it out of the clutches of thieves and make it a safe space to live in.

Energy Efficient Windows


There are lots of customisation options for our triple glazing, with extensive suites of hardware and handles to consider, and a very broad spectrum of coloured finishes.

We offer UPVC windows with a textured woodgrain or smooth surface finish...

We very much doubt that white coloured UPVC windows will ever lose their appeal with the British public, but customers rightly expect window suppliers to offer a very varied choice of colour options for replacement windows. Speedy Home Improvements does, counting Irish Oak, Grey, and Chartwell Green amongst its many other coloured finishes. Due to the extent of our colour options, it could take a while for you to decide on a colour.

There’s more to our aluminium finishes than most...

We put so much time into our aluminium-based finishes and that hopefully is apparent from their quality. It takes a total of 11 separate stages to create each individual aluminium finish and that’s why they look extraordinary and more distinctive and attractive than the aluminium colours that you see elsewhere. Speedy Home Improvements is also experienced at creating aluminium woodgrains in Walnut, Rosewood and Oak.

Our glazing options fuse together privacy and style…

Not only is the glass a focal point of a window, but it also has a huge hand in the overall performance it offers. So, assess each glass in detail, also evaluating how much visibility the glass will provide. Speedy has ultimate privacy glass and clear glass, to give you just two examples of what’s available. Talk to the many window advisors we have at Speedy if you’re unsure of which glass to choose. 

Privacy Glazing – There will be areas of your home where you need your windows to provide enhanced privacy, such as in any bedrooms or bathrooms. For these installations, we include privacy glazing in our double and triple glazed window designs. 

Meticulously and methodically made handles…

Speedy is grateful to have a very skilled team of craftspeople who put so much detail into our traditional and contemporary handles. The handles feel great when you use them to operate the windows.

The windows are kept secure thanks to the locking system that’s built into each of our handles.


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