Turn a simple doorway into the grandest of entrances…

French doors are filled with so much glass, so it’s no surprise that they manage to attract so much light from the sun, no matter if they’re open or closed. When ajar, it will help you make the transition from the house into the garden or patio that much easier, and it will also add ventilation to your interior. They don’t have to be situated in the wall space between homes and garden though, as we’ve often installed them in the gap where house meets home extension, e.g. conservatory or orangery.

UPVC French Doors

Designed to be adaptable and durable, our French Doors are available as part of both our exclusive Eclipse Aluminium and Extreme UPVC collections. For homes with a more traditional slant, our Extreme UPVC range of French Doors are robust and functional, offering a unique and dependable gateway to the world beyond the door. For those seeking a sleek, modern design, our Eclipse Aluminium French Doors boast slim-line super-strength frames.

Oak UPVC French Doors
UPVC French Doors


French doors are well-loved on the continent and plenty of Britons like them too. Boasting designer looks, they will offer you a stunning route to your garden or patio area. When you make the most of the double opening, the surge of fresh air that comes into your home will be a real blessing in summer. As standard, we include high security hinges in our French doors and protectors to eliminate the possibility of a burglar using a crowbar to prise the doors open. We also affix locking handles to both doors.

UPVC French doors will add a new dimension to your home...

Most European accommodation has UPVC French doors within its setup and a growing number of British homes have embraced these extravagant doors in recent times. The double opening they offer is very generous, which is so useful if you’re the type of family who love to enjoy the outdoors at every opportunity in good weather. They’re a decorative set of doors too.

Grey UPVC Windows & French Door
An aluminium French door has such a smart, sleek design…

Aluminium has many different attributes and one of them is the ease with which it can be moulded, explaining why an aluminium French door has such slender sightlines. We hardly know of any customers who have been sorry that they chose aluminium, as it is dependable and ultra-stylish in every respect.

The intricate contour on the outside of the door frame is so subtle, yet it possesses the kind of beauty that you would only normally expect to see in a timber door. When we apply the powder-coated finish, it gives the door a beautifully rich texture.

Aluminium French Door
Powder-coated aluminium finishes have that extra edge...

In our experience, we have found that applying a powder-coated finish to our Eclipse Aluminium French doors, using a total of 11 stages to do it, is the finest colouring method there is. You will find it hard to disagree when you see the quality of the coloured finishes and how much more they stand out from your ordinary aluminium colours. Speedy Home Improvements also offers Eclipse Aluminium French doors with the most realistic woodgrains.

Handling the door is a joy…

Speedy’s fabulous French doors need to be furnished and this includes selecting an appropriate style of handle for the design.

When examining each available handle, just remember how much the handle will influence the overall product.


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