It’s entirely understandable if you have some questions about our replacement door range. The answer you need could be below.
Is every composite door the same?

Although they may look the same, there can be differences between composite door styles. Your standard composite door will have a depth of 44mm, and it will have a foam filling. The outside of a standard composite door will also have a GRP colour skin (commonly known as fibreglass).

Our own exclusive collection of Solid Core composite doors have a greater depth to them than a standard composite (48mm). Consisting of multiple laminated timber layers, they are both stronger and more robust than a foam filled composite door. The UPVC skin on a Solid Core door can also be easily coloured matched to your door frame.

The cost of a composite door can vary, depending on what type of composite you buy – a Speedy advisor will offer any kind of guidance you need.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Is it possible to have different colours on either side of the door?

We can cater for that and get a dual-coloured door organised, with contrasting colours on the external and internal sides. From our experience, we know that having a red finish on the outside and white finish on the inside can work well. If you have something else in mind, that’s fine. Just let us know and we’ll do the rest.

Internal White Composite Door


Speak to a Speedy advisor if you have any questions about our doors. Our common questions also cover a range of door queries.

How many keys will I receive?

Every door that we sell at Speedy comes with 3 keys as standard – if you need more keys, specify this when confirming your order. Additional keys can also be cut later.

Can the same key be used for both doors? (Suited)

We can arrange that for you. Request this when you are placing your order and we will get a suited key organised that will work with both doors.

What is Secured by Design?

Established with the backing of the Police, Secured by Design is revolved around improving the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings so that they’re safer places to be in.

The Police Preferred Specification – SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – is the formally recognised standard for products that can minimise acts of crime. This includes domestic windows and doors, and their accompanying components e.g., locks and hinges.

Conservatory Outlet, our sister manufacturing company, is an approved member of the SBD scheme, meaning that many of Speedy’s door products satisfy SBD standards. Notify an advisor if you have any specific concerns about home security.

Can you explain what a 3-star rated door barrel is?

A 3-star door cylinder is the highest rated door cylinder that’s available, a barrel that has been rigorously tested to ensure that it is super-secure. Our door cylinders have snap-secure technology and a lockdown mode to prevent the barrel being damaged or broken.

Can you completely fold back a French door?

Yes, that’s more than possible. It will require the inclusion of an egress hinge, which will then give you the ability to fully fold the door back.

Should I buy sliding patio doors or bi-folding doors?

Either of the two options should work if you have enough of an opening at the rear of your property, with them both giving you the option of opening the building during the warmest seasons. A bi-folding door can be folded back completely, so you can just imagine how big of an opening this creates. Our sliding patio doors have ultra-slim frames, maximising your view. If torn between the two, see if a conversation with an advisor helps.

Is there any finance available to help me pay for my new door?

We do offer finance, yes. At Speedy, a series of inexpensive and convenient finance packages are available (subject to application & status). It won’t take long to sort out a finance application and it won’t take long for you to discover if it’s been successful or not. If you wish to apply for finance, this can be organised at your home or in our showroom.

What do I do when my finance application is approved?

Give us a call straight away if you have arranged the finance yourself and it has been accepted. When finance has been organised via Speedy, the relevant finance provider will be in touch with us both, and we’ll call you soon after.

If refused finance, what can I do?

We find that finance companies reject finance applications for all sorts of reasons, including if you have moved several times in recent years. We will do whatever we can to help in the event of this happening to you. Trying another finance provider is often worth a go.

How long will it take to receive finance approval?

It may be almost immediate, or you could be waiting a few days to be notified. If there is any sort of delay, we wouldn’t be too concerned about it as this is completely normal.


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10 Year Guarantee

Speedy's 10 Year Guarantee offers you complete value for money on your purchase. We’re able to offer this comprehensive guarantee on a wide range of windows, doors, orangeries and conservatories because we use only the best materials and components, which have been selected for their inherent durability, and which are proven to withstand the test of time.

Price Promise

Whilst our prices are some of the most competitive in the home improvement market, we also offer incredible value in the quality of our products, as well as our expert, highly professional service. You can rest assured that we will always offer great quality at fair prices, supported by excellent service and, as a result, we believe we provide value that’s unrivalled in the home improvement market.


We’ve got you covered, as we have finance options available for people with varying circumstances.


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