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Grey Extreme Windows & Solid Core Door

Marcin & Magda's

Grey Extreme Windows & Solid Core Door

It was Magda’s love for grey that informed this home makeover.

With draughts in their house getting progressively worse, Marcin and Magda made the wise decision to upgrade their windows, which has eliminated the cold and given the building a fresh injection of style.

Magda was very observant and took notice of the windows at other homes in the area. It was this groundwork that led to her discovering an obvious trend for grey-coloured windows, often paired with a modern, grey-coloured door. One door particularly caught her imagination, with aluminium panels framing the glazed facets of the design and a chrome bar handle. It just so happened that we had a very similar door in our Extreme Solid Core collection.

The advisor who was appointed for their project went into lengthy detail with the couple about what was achievable. During these conversations they found out that our Solid Core doors could be provided with a dual finish. This enabled them to have a traditional white finish on the inside of the door frame and up-to-the-minute grey finish on the outside. They’re so glad that they were fully informed, otherwise they could have missed out on this.

Extreme Windows

The house has a far more contemporary look to it now and it’s the new windows that can be thanked for that. Another advantage of the windows is how they have reduced noise from the outside, allowing Marcin and Magda to enjoy their home in peace.

Extreme Windows
Extreme Solid Core Door

With the new windows and doors, we feel like we have more of a home than we did previously. They’ve fulfilled our every expectation

In their feedback, Marcin and Magda outlined how impressed they were with the diligence of our installers and the speed of the installation. They were also grateful to the fitters for leaving the house just as clean as it was when they arrived, which is always a given when you choose us.

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